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Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

Electric cars have been around for almost a century, but compared to gas-powered cars, they lagged far behind in terms of range and performance. The Tesla Roadster’s key is its advanced battery pack. With lithium-ion composition (this is something only Tesla has currently), the battery pack allows a range of more than 200 miles and acceleration performance that’s equal to the world’s best sports cars.

Does the Tesla happen to look familiar to you – that’s probably because it’s basically a restyled Lotus Elise. The Lotus and the Tesla share exterior stylings, as well as removable hard tops. Despite the exterior similarities, the interior if vastly different from the Lotus. The Tesla Roadster has a weight distribution that leans more towards the rear (35 / 65 for the Tesla, and 39/61 for the Lotus).

With a 13,500 rpm red line, the Tesla Roadster is a real bullet. As the technology is refined, we’re sure to see faster and more efficient versions being marketed.


If you are looking for a tiny roadster that will blow everyone’s doors off, then the Ariel Atom is for you.

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